Emotional support

Every person who experiences different types of Abuse, Stress, Anxiety,Phobias or Depression  would benefit from emotional support. This can be in different ways as each person's needs are different.

You should be given the opportunity to talk about your experiences and to be listened with respect, this will help you feel understood and to help you recognise that none of the trauma you experience is neccesarily

permanent .

For many people, no one listens to them when they first disclose trauma/abuse. No one asks them about how to stop the trauma/abuse, despite the fact that nobody knows their abuser better than they do. They are the expert in their situation.

It is important for people to receive the help they need, when they need it because maybe when assed by health professionals, you would often be divided into categories at the seriousness of what is happening to you,then be placed on a waiting list that might not be the right support for you and a long wait time can have a further negative effect on your problems. However, not being given the support you need, when you need it can leave you fending for yourself, only leading to things getting worse.

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