Some of our clients have wrote testimonials for you to see what can be achieved through the help of our emotional support worker.

In the past, I have suffered difficulties with my emotions and trauma experienced through life.  The process I went through with Donna helped me to personally achieve strength, understanding myself and the focus to move forward. I would strongly recommend Donna.

                                        - Anthea Turner (Tv Personality)


I have known Donna for over 10 years both on a personal and professional level. donna is committed to helping people feel better about themselves as well as identifying a new path to a brighter future. I have found her to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. Donna is a good listener, informative and a true inspiration.                                                                  - Barbra (Director of PAFA)

I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks after years of abuse in a relationship. donna somehow found a way to help me when I thought there was no answers. this has now allowed me to live a normal life.                                                             

                                         - Claire (Client)

I have had Donna work with me through a tough time for me and my child. at times I felt so lost with no way out. she changed my life with her support and I can't thank her enough.

                                              - Kirsty (Client)

Without the help and support of Donna, couldn't have got through the pressure and stress of being in care proceedings.                                                   

                                         - Ruby (Client)

The negative impact of social media had destroyed my self-belief and made me feel isolated. Talking to Donna gave me my confidence back so that I could live my life the way I wanted to.                                             

                                         - Natalie (Client)