Welcome to Well Being For You


"We are the bit in the middle"

If you can't speak about your trauma let our therapy do it for you

What is Emotional Support?

Many people with emotional difficulties first visit their GP and are referred to other professional services, such as counsellors and psychiatrists. However, what happens when you are left to face the world? We offer that gap to help you start living your life the way you want to.

Why choose WellBeing for you?

We have experience working with public and private sectors, where individual, emotional support is required as a must to improving peoples lives. We are based in a Therapeutic environment, improving outcomes for people including those who have experienced domestic violence

How does this work for me?

Resilience, high self esteem and self efficiency are crucial in enabling people to keep themselves safe, resilience concerns peoples ability to bounce back, doing well against the odds, coping and recovering,  we take a strength based and solution focused approach.


"Without the help and support of  Donna, I couldn't have got through the pressure and stress of being in care proceedings."



"The negative impact social media had  destroyed my self-belief and made me feel isolated. Talking to Donna, gave me my confidence back so I could live my life the way I wanted too."